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Sébastien 'Garrik' Martinez

Computer scientist, software tinkerer, and role playing game author

Paradox is a pointer telling you to look beyond it. If paradoxes bother you, that betrays your deep desire for absolutes. The relativist treats a paradox merely as interesting, perhaps amusing or even, dreadful thought, educational. (Leto)

-- Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune

Hello! My name is Sébastien Martinez, PhD. I am a computer scientist, specialized in Software engineering and maintenance, and Software security. I am currently working on systems safety and security at Université Gustave Eiffel.

I am the lead developer of Pymoult, a configurable platform for dynamically updating Python programs and of SoREn, a dynamically reconfigurable cyber-security platform. Check out my bitbucket repository for other practical software I develop.

I also like role playing games. Part of my spare time is dedicated to the writting of Complots : a RPG about secret plans for world domination in a futuristic, dystopic universe.